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    Post by Leader on Fri 23 Apr 2010 - 23:26

    Next time if you want post glitch read RULES and this topic: before.
    I banned your account on 365 days, because you said "bitch" on me in German Talking topic. You made topic, I moved it to Basked, because was in bad subject. Of course you doubled it 2 times, thats why I banned you.
    And don't try register new accounts because on this forum MultiAccounts are locked by me.
    If you wan't register on this forum - make account with your real ee2 nick. I don't like Anonyms. If you are shy because you are posting glitch - don't do it.

    btw. If you want post glitch, do it in correct subject, and don't post glitch when enemy glitched if you glitched first (scout glitch too)

    Best regards

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