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    What you should do?


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    What you should do? Empty What you should do?

    Post by Leader on Fri 9 Apr 2010 - 4:18

    If you saw glitch - open playback and do screenshots evidence that he glitched.
    If player which glitched is on Glitcher's list - do new topic with Subject: Date [Glitch Type].
    If player which glitched isn't on Glitcher's list - do new topic here: In subject write: Player's nick, Date [Glitch Type], and post here your screenshots. I will create section with this player on Glitcher's list, and will move your topic.
    You can upload playback too, from: Documents/Empire Earth II/Playbacks/FileName.e2s location
    Upload .e2s on or other servers for uploads.

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